Q | Do you offer tailoring services? 

A | Not traditional tailoring services, no. We do however offer hand mending services for denim, trousers & shirting. 

Q | Do you buy vintage from individuals?

A | This is case by case, we are constantly scouring the Dallas area for the best vintage, but not often buying from individuals. If you have some items that you think we may like, reach out via DM on IG (@nylowool) and we can go from there. We typically look for items older than 1980’s, classic styles - - workwear, Ivy League style and western - - and good-luxurious fabrics (wools, cashmere, denim, cottons) 

Q | Do you rent/borrow clothing to stylists for photo shoots?

A | This is another case by case basis, this needs to be discussed with Daniel, the owner and done with at least a week’s notice. The rental fee would be charged for every day the item(s) were checked out and rates would be discussed during initial meeting. 

Q | How often do you bring new items into the shop?

A | Daniel sources each week, sometimes daily, sometimes a couple days a week, he tries to bring items in as quickly as possible after finding them (some items need extra cleaning and/or mending) We don’t do scheduled drops or save items for specific events. 

Q | Do you take requests, for example I’m looking for a certain style of denim?

A | We try to keep requests in mind when sourcing, we aren’t perfect and can’t always guarantee success in those requests, but we do try our best. If it’s a request outside of something we would typically purchase for the store, we would reach out once found, but need confirmation before we would purchase the item. 

Q | Do you offer refunds for in-store purchases?

A | All sales are final, that being said we want you to be happy with your purchases through our shop, in some cases we could allow an exchange or refund in the form of store credit. We recommend that while in store you try on everything you’d like to purchase. 

Q | How do you decided pricing on your items?

A | There are many factors that go into the price of each garment, sometimes it’s the condition, age and rareness. Sometimes it’s how beautifully worn in it is, or its brand or how in demand that type of item is in the moment. We try to keep our prices fair and reasonable. We strive to be a place that no matter your financial situation, you’re able to find good quality items to wear. 

Q | Do you only focus on menswear and select sizes?

A | We have a variety of clothing that could work for all genders, majority of our clothing will fall into the traditional menswear category, but at the end of the day, it’s just clothing. When it comes to sizes, we do strive to have a wide selection of sizes, we don’t limit to just small sizes, but at times the store may have more or less variety depending on buying trends from customers. 

Q | Is everything in your store for sale?

A | We try to avoid the “everything has a price” mentality. That being said, majority of the items in the shop are for sale. At times when we are sourcing we choose items specifically for decor, these are items that we think enhance the shopping experience and give the shop its eclectic aesthetic. Sometimes these items aren’t worth much and its not worth it to sell and not be compensated for the time it took for us to source it. All of that being said, all clothing in store is always for sale.